I'm not sure if this really counts as lyrics, though it has a poetic flow to it.
I've been writing in this style for a while now and I just figured I might as well share it with others, I'm not the best at it but I find it the most enjoyable to write, what do you think?

My ruffled hair billows smoke rings slowly cascading upwards unto a night still visible through fog. Dense rainclouds of pollution as I'm suffocating myself, forming ice chrysalises waiting to burst with beautiful dreary butterflies strung out on the opium of their existence.

**** my head to the side to be overrun by cobwebs ands cocktails, Molotov and martini, blinded by the darkness straying from the great dane leash to the empty swimming pool behind the house. Why must I question it? Overwhelmed in a hysteria of erupting papers full of ink and voids, coughing as paper cuts consume me, I cannot ask and ignore the urge in the pursuit of escape only to have my windpipe further cut as a temporary band-aid till problems are forever resolved through permanent stitching.

So why little sea shell do you hind under this car with me? Shall we be vagabonds in an abolished world? You should move from here, the oil is leaking, fire hazard. I like the warm personally.

Fine then. Sing us a serenade to finish on, tip your hearts and hats.
"I is another." - Rimbaud