I already have an ibanez, and even though it isn't the greatest guitar in the world it does it's job when I'm playing. I do want a more blues-y guitar though. Something that can hold distortion and overdrive to play some of the heavier dirtier stuff, can do the twang-pop type tone along with a nice warm mellow one. And preferably under $500 USD. Cheaper is better, but I want to get a nice guitar too.

I 've got strats, teles, and Epi LPs in mind. Not sure which ones though. if there is anything better, please add it in too.
MIM Strats can get a nice bluesy tone and also work well with distortion. Telecaster's also good though.
I reckon a strat (or a three pickup tele, if you're looking more for the twang) would be perfect.
But, being a blues player who also dabbles with higher gain, that middle pickup is essential.
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