whats the difference between the dual and triple recto????? wattage???
whats the difference between the triple recto and triple recto solo heads??????
i found a great deal on a triple recto solo head. i play in small to medium size venues. would this amp be ok for those size venues or would it be too much? in other words. could i get a pretty descent tone at lower volumes? the way i understand it...this head has a dual recto switch.
ok...so i "say" i found a good deal. i'll let you guys be the judge of that. It's a triple recto with the 4x12 straight cab that were bought together new 1 1/2 yrs. ago for $1700 USD. from what i understand, it is in great shape and has never been gigged. good deal?????
i play mainly hardcore/metal.
does the tri rec have a switch that allows to the tubes to run as a dual rec?

and one correction. the cab. is slant, not straight.
If you don't buy that I will hunt you down, find out who is selling it, and buy it myself