been playing classic a while like zepplin acdc nothin like avenged seven fold like im wanting to get into
see, that's your problem... you're wanting to play the wrong music.
keep it 80s thrash metal... none of this avenged sevenfold nonsense.
..........oh and keep practicing... about two hours a day should do it
practice slowly and concentrate on proper technique, very clean playing at very slow speeds over time generates immaculate playing at fast speeds
the solo to Painkiller (by Judas Priest...). you'll have a hard time on 25% speed but it'll be a good exercise. The guitar pro tab is particularly good. As long as you're sure you're doing it the right way (if your hand starts to hurt you're not sweep picking!!) you'll be alright. learn alot of stuff that incorporates the techniques mentioned and also make up your own stuff and practice it to death. Say, good luck.

Oh for legato exercise; steve vai's juice. Lots of cool tapping in the solo.
basically just take a bar
and on very low speeds repeat that single bar for half an hour until you can really play it
then speed upu by 5% and spend another half hour on the same bar. That's the way you'll see yourself improve very fast. Keeps you motivated. ^^
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