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Kirk Hammet Signature
2 10%
B-52 AT 100
5 25%
Peavey Valveking
8 40%
5 25%
Voters: 20.
Yes i need your help again pit monkeys, this time i need a new amp. I play mostly metal but do need a nice clean for those odd occasions. So its either a

Randall Kirk Hammet Signature Combo


B-52 AT 100 Combo


or a

Peavey Valveking


If you guys have a combo that you really like that you used/have thats 1000 or less please tell me about it, thanks a lot.
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Sorry, where does it go?

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Only a Mod can do that, and usually they can't be arsed to move all the misplaced threads in the Pit. Usually they just lock them.

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