Not sure if this goes here...

But has anyone ever tried to make a brace or rack in which one can place a guitar (in a case..duh) onto their motorcycle? I'v always though of the idea, but I never really got around to even drawing anything out lol, it's just been a thought thats passed through my brain a few times

though of course since I no longer have a motorcycle due to theft.., I guess I shouldnt have to worry about it, but I'v always been curious, has ne1 else done this before? (maybe even an idea for carrying a 2x12 cab and head, or perhaps it would just be best to get a small trailer, or side car for that

or best to just not even fathom the idea of doing that lol I dont wanna hurt my babies, but it HAS been a thought that tends to nag me whenever I was cruising over to a friends place, thinking damn I wish I coulda brought my gear over without having to spend a 50$ in gas XD

btw, if any1 HAS done this, pics would be greatly appreciated ^_^
they did it in american chopper when they made a bike for Peavey. They built in a workable amp and everything. Check it out if you can....
^good idea libertineste.

We had a couple similar situations earlier this summer. I searched on Motorcycle + Guitar in search bar and found the two threads I was thinking about. Not sure if your answer is in there but worth reading thru.



One guy didn't have a bracket welded on or anything but his guitar case and guitar may have saved his life. You should have seen his LP.