Really not sure whether to get a second hand Korg or a new zoom....it would be for gigging as well as bedroom practise...I play mainly punky stuff but also a fair amount of metal. Any advice? Cheers

Or is it worth extra money for korg ax3000g?
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I don't know about that exact model, but I have a korg multi FX and I'm really pleased with it. A friend of mine has one too (another model) and as far as I know, he's very happy with it too.
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the Boss GT10 and PODX3 are miles ahead of both of them

but if you must the ZOOM imo is better
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I've never tried the Korg, but I have a Zoom G2.1u that hasn't been used in about 2 years I'll sell you
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Don't buy the Zoom, I've got one, and I barely use it.

If you wan't to buy multi FX, then don't buy it for the distortion, because it usually sucks.
I would rather buy a distortion pedal for that.

However, you can have some fun with the effects, but after a while you realize that they also suck or you don't need them at all.
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