hello all. so i searched far and long before deciding the ibanez s320 is the perfect guitar for me. as i turns out it isn't available at the only ibanez dealership in my country. the people there recommended that i should check out the guitars they already have and if i don't like them then they'll order the 320 for me, but it'll take about 2-3 months. a renowned guitarist there recommended the RG350 EX (or DX, the black one, not sure..) but i played it (through a line 6 spider III, which again i think is perfect. any thoughts on that? i'm pretty much set on buying that) but it didn't feel very impressive and the reviews i read on the net rate it as a very unimpressive guitar.

so the question here is that is there any other guitar like the s320 i can get? i'm into death metal mostly in the metal genre and vai and satriani as well as some blues. budget for the guitar is about $600. thanks alot.

edit: keep in mind this will be my first electric guitar after playing acoustic for 1.5 years. thanks again!
maybe u could get it off of musiciansfriend. they have free shipping but probably not in ur country idk.
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thanks for the replies. indeed musicians friend does not ship to my country

that looks like a solid amp man! thanks for the suggestion. if i can fit it into my budget i definitely will get it, also if it's available. can spend a max of $700 on amp+guitar.