so ok tomorrow my new eq is coming YAY!!!! anywyas i ve never worked with a 10 band before...only with a 7....some people say u cant even hear the upper frequency...liek the highest one?


btw i also bought a 6m monster cable.....CAUSE IT WAS GOLD
The MXR 10-band is a great EQ. When I played through one I did notice a little change with the upper frequency, but it wasn't a HUGE difference except at its extremes. It's great for shaping tone.


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Im getting one of these soon along with a carbon copy delay. Sounds like a great pedal, ive heard nothing but good things about em

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you dont, but sometimes you may notice it just as a hissing that is REALLY ****ing annoying
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i found them bloody noisy, too noisy - so off it went

no e.q pedal is good enough for me - i would use a rackmount - though i have a nice enough amp that i dont need it

i just like to use good boosts like SD twin and Fulltones.
If your amp has an effect loop try it in there AND in your chain.
I found I prefer mine in the chain, so definitey experiment.
You are in for a world of fun with an eq pedal. I think it is a great way to tweak your tone.

My MXR 10-band eq is hissy on higher gain settings or when using a significant gain boost. It is noisier out front of the amp than in the loop. But I still like it.

I use it for a mid-range (frown curve) and small gain boost in front of the amp for a beefier tone, and then use my amp's contour control for a subtle scoop post-distortion: used this way, it is a bit like a versatile, tone-sculpting OD. It can also be fun to use in the effects loop after distortion, depending on what you would like to do.
i have one, BEST pedal EVER.... i use mine in the FX Loop in my JCM 900, it`s a killer EQ, you can shape your tone SOOOO much with it, your gonna love it, i don`t find it all that hissy like some people are saying and i play thrash metal so i use ALOT of gain.

2 things i`ll always have..

Marshall heads
and my MXR 108 10 band EQ.