Yesterday I was looking through all my old cds and dug out some Iron Maiden tunes, before I was a huge metalhead (as in black metal, death metal metalhead) I used to listen to Iron Maiden a lot (I know they're metal too). So I got this feeling of nostalgia and figured it was time for me to cover one of their songs, so I decided to do The Trooper, which has an amazing main riff.

(song on profile)
I like it, the way you did the solos was really awesome, especially using a tapping lick to open up davey's solo. all in all, very good. 5 stars and all that.
Up The Irons!!!!
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The tone wasn't quite Maiden, but the technique definetely was, great job, Im a big Maiden thats one of my favorite maiden songs.
Thanks mate, your solo was really cool, way to be perfect man,

and about the tone, I use a toneport, so I can't really get a pro tone, that was the best I could pull off.
what happened to our collab?

Also, I'll listen now then edit this post

EDIT: I like the tone, although generally the whole mix sounds sorta.. muddy.
I thought the drums could maybe be a bit more prominent and loved the harmonies in the verse (vocal line) instead of just the one guitar doing them.
It sounded like you didnt PM the triplets under the vocal leads though and I think it would sound so much better if you did.
Wasnt so keen on the solo after about 2:48, and again i thought the rhythm under could be louder.

Overall it is an awesome cover and the things I said that could be improved are only really small things that are my personal preference really.

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Not bad. A bit too much distortion for my taste. And in the first harmony (the start) it sounded like a guitar cut out, but was still playing, odd. The solos sounded great as well. Nice job.