Ok guys, so i have my eye on a Jackson DKMGT (Dinky.) After researching a bit and looking at my budget, i realized that this is probably the best Middle-Ranged/Not-quite-high-end-but-getting-there Guitar i was looking for within my price range.

But i always seem to com across a Problem somehow. I want the Transparent Red version, but the only place i was able to find it was on some Crappy looking "Im not sure i can trust this site" site. And not to mention they were charging $799.99 as compared to the models regular $649.00 (I believe.) Plus a non optional case that would cost an extra $99.99 which i could buy from Guitar Center for like $79.99

If anyone could find a site that has it for sale and isnt mundo over priced, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys
Hah, local. Not when you live in Kansas

But i would totally take the advice if i didnt, lol