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I have acne. i've been through it all, oxy, practiv, neutragina, herbal remmedies, home remedies. And i've found one that i guess works really well but i dont know if i should get it or not. its called Clear Pores Skin Cleansing. does anybody use this or have anyother ideas? I cant take acutane cause something in there im allegic to.
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These wipes that clearasil make are good (can't remember exact name but they're in a blue packet)
They also remove makeup too if you're interested,
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Go to a dermatologist, I went about 5 days ago and my face is almost clear. They know what will help you the best.

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witch hazel products
And stress can make you brake out (well it does to me) so take it easy now and again and drink plenty of water
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L'orreal Pure Zone is good stuff.

Realistically though all that stuff is useless on its own.

You have to change your diet too. Less fat and grease, less dairy and chocolate, less carbonated drinks.

Drink lots of water, eat more healthily and use a decent face wash (like one of the pure zone washes) and you'll beat that acne down.
Use tea tree oil. Works absolutley amazingly.
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Witch hazel, it comes in an astringent, and it works pretty good. just wash your face then put some of this stuff on.
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This shit seriously changed my life. I'm a huge fan of the aromatherapy. I honestly went through it all, acutane, oxy, proactive. You name it. It also smoothes your complexion and fades scars. I swear to god, this shits my bread and butter now.
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Yeah, I used to go to a dermatologist and they would give me a face peel (I don't remember what it's called). I had to sit in a chair, and they literally burned off layers of skin with some chemical, and then washed it off. It worked, but I stopped going after 5 times or so, and started drinking vitamin water, and I've been good ever since.
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you probebly think your funny. But the stuff I use, actualy has bleach in it. And it works very well
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accutane, nothing works better
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accutane, nothing works better

Any acne pills will do a much better job than creams, especially for nasty cystic stuff. I used this for 6 months and my skin permanently improved (before I couldn't possibly stop my face from getting shiny and greasy after tons and tons of cleaners and creams).
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I recently stopped using any products on my skin at all, save for good ol' soap and warm water and my skin is clearer than it's been in years.
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I recently stopped using any products on my skin at all, save for good ol' soap and warm water and my skin is clearer than it's been in years.

What kind of soap....?
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I recently stopped using any products on my skin at all, save for good ol' soap and warm water and my skin is clearer than it's been in years.

Same. I used to use a bunch of shit on my face all the time, and it would work for a while but eventually I would just build up a tolerance to it. I just stopped worrying about it and doing anything unnatural to my face and eventually it cleared up within a month or two. Still don't use any special products and it's really clear.
Go to your doctor and see what they recommend. I got these sexy little pills by name of oxytetracyline or something along those lines and they work just fine. There's also alot of things in pharmacists - tissue salts for example - that work quite well. Wipes don#t tend to do sht.
Go to the dermatologist and ask him to take Isotreinoina. It worked for me : D 5 months taking pills, and then boooom all acne and scars from face disappear
Try Differin. It's cleared my face up a lot.
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They also remove makeup too if you're interested,

Gotta get me some of these, I hate having to take my make up THEN cleanse my spots.
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Oh, acne, my bad.

That's exactly what I was going to say.
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What kind of soap....?

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^And known for that bloody awesome croissant with a crown.
Man that's badass.

tretinoin.. worked really good for me.
minocycline.. not sure how good it worked, it was a pill.
Benzoylperoxide. Something like that. It worked for me and I've tried *alot* of them.
i've heard pee works but not tried it
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accutane, nothing works better

This man speaks the truth, I had bad acne for damn near 8 years and nothing worked, after finally getting on it my face cleared up in a matter of months. It just shuts down the glands that produce the oils on your face. Your skin will get dry but it will no longer be shiny and acne can't form.

And btw, I'm aware TS said he's allergic, but to anyone else who's wondering this is the answer, if you can get your dermatologist to prescribe it to you.
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Every time you go take a piss, wake up or go to sleep just splash water on your face. Its honestly the very best way to do it.

Do this!

Also ask your doctor about Isotrex. Its a gel which forces your skin to regenerate much quicker and gets rid of scars. You may get some skin peeling off, but only little flakes, never patches.

Also a word of warning, most acne curing tablets can cause problems if used for long periods of time. Fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, blurred vision and cramped joints are the most common.
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Here's the thing about commercial acne products:
Clearasil, Noxema, Proactiv all clear acne temporarily. But they are a business and businesses want to make money. So while one pimple is being cleared, new ones form. Which forces you to continuously buy their product. So why should they cure your acne if you will return to their products without thinking twice?

I got rid of my acne COMPLETELY by throwing away all my cleansing products and instead used good soap with water. If you're getting stuff from legit places like a dermatologist, then continue using it, that will work. But anything mail-order or found in the grocery store is pure shit.
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