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while i'm not new to the world of forums, i am new to posting on these forums, so forgive me if I posted in the wrong topic. I was wondering if someone could help me with two problems i have:

1.) I was using my guitar pro v5.2 (working on a nine inch nails tab) and I decided to export the midi file, but once I did that, my sound on the application disappeared! Not only for that song, but for every other song tab I tried to open up on the program! Can someone help me in my dilemma? I really like using guitar pro.

2.) This one's a site issue. So, I tried to submit a tab for Nine Inch Nails' March of the Pigs twice, but I got denied with no comments as to why? Can someone explain to me the whole process of approving/denying tabs and how I can go about understanding why my tab got denied twice?
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Could someone be so kind to convert this GP4 TAB into text, JPG or PowerTab (essentially a format that allows me to read it without GuitarPro):

If that doesn't work, you can find it here under "other Paul Gilbert songs":

It's called "Scarified (Acoustic Samurai version)"

An alternative version is under "Acoustic Samurai", called "Scarified (Incomplete)".

I'd really appreciate it
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next weeks installment, John tells us of the time he played in a band with Elvis's drummers, second cousins mother on harmonica and they invented grunge.
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