i'm fixing up an older used epi les paul and need some advice on pickups...
right now i've got a seymour duncan jb in the bridge and what i'm assuming to be the original stock epi neck pickup (no identifying marks on it).....thats what the guitar came with when i bought it.
i need some advice on what to replace the neck pup with. i was gonna keep the bridge pup. i can always change it out down the road if need to.
what would be a good match to go with this?

i play mainly jimmy page/led zeppelin type rock and blues. currently using a peavey classic 30 amp and have a 15watt peavey vypyr amp. of course, i'm not looking to match jp's tone perfectly, just something that will work well for that type of sound.

also, the pickup has to have 4 conductor wire as i've set up the guitar with jimmy page wiring for coil tapping, phase switching etc.

budget is around $100 new or used...i'll have to buy online though as i'm no where near a guitar store. can't try them out first.

a friend of mine suggested irongear rolling mills pups as he LOVES his, but i dont know much about them.

any suggestions would be great! thanks!
this was said on another forum:
Page used original late 50's Gibson PAFs. Good Luck finding a set of those...

If you want a REALLY good replica of the Gibson PAFs, I suggest the Seymour Duncan Antiquities, OR the Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers (which are essentially the same thing as the Antiquities but aren't artificially "aged"). Cheaper alternatives would be the Seymour Duncan '59 or the Dimarzio Virtual PAF. They all can get the sound pretty good.