My cover of tornado of souls.

Will be on my profile.

Crits much appreciated.

Cheers guys.

Questions will be answered C4C welcome but only on decent crits. Standard of crit will be returned.
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Nice cover! Your tone was pretty good. You seemed to know the differents riffs of the song pretty well. Your version of the solo was also pretty impressing. There were some points that you should work on tho. Some parts were sketchy and some bends weren't spot on, but it's pretty much impossible to nail this solo like the record version :p. I would give a 9/10. Really good work, im gonna check out your other covers.

You could crit my cover even though it's kind of old

good tone, and very tight rhythm playing
on the other hand, slight tweak in the main riff, and to be honest, it would've been far nicer sounding and more impressive had you played marty's version of the solo
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