Ok all, I have been eyeballing the Epiphone Valve Junior for a while, but being a noob at this, can anyone recommend a tube/valve amp (no solid state please) for around the $ 250.00 mark that would be similar / better / louder / more features / etc.???
or crate v series
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New amps please, I'm not familiar enough with these to trust myself buying a used one and knowing what I'm getting. I'm considering getting a DS-1 to go along with the amp if that helps.
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Something like this then?
Crate V Series V33-212 33W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp


Might be a little loud though, if you're just playing in your bedroom.

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Then I would go for the V18 2x12 or 1x12.

The V18 only has one channel though, as opposed to the V33 which has 2.

EDIT: The VJ will have to be cranked to get any kind of distortion. Not very quiet. The V18 has a master volume, so you'll be able to get some gain at lower volumes and still has the potential to be louder than the VJ. Might even be loud enough for gigs.

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v18, or the v50 is on sale. Or a blackheart would be cool
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^The 33's went back on sale.

'Tis true a Blackheart would be nice... but the V18 is just such a good deal right now...

Plus, once again the Blackheart has no master volume, so it might get a little loud for bedroom jamming without a distortion pedal.

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Regardless of the brand of amp, should I expect to have to swap out tubes because these come with crappy ones (because they are cheap)?
You play what type of music?
And you will almost have to go used unless you're goiong to save up for more.

Without going used and staying around ~$250, try a vox valvetronix. Hybrid but really a good amp with switchable wattage for bedroom playing. It may be hybrid, but that's the best amp with some versatility in that range.

My advice: Save more cash/grow some balls and buy used.
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You play what type of music?
And you will almost have to go used unless you're goiong to save up for more.

As far as good used tube amps in that range the Crate V3112 comes to mind, or the occasional Classic 20 for classic rock. A used PV Ultra would be around that used if you are more metal oriented. But what you play is really the key. I tried a Vypyr recently, it was very good for bedroom metal lovers IMO but a SS 15 wattr.
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I can hardly play my V18 at bedroom levels, I'm 99% sure you will need an attenuator.
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And perhaps to give you all an idea of where I am musically, I have just gotten down the solo for "sweet child o mine," so I'm not that advanced- but I will say that playing that solo is what 'exposed' my current amp for the POS it really is, which is why I am looking.
For $250 used, all tube, your best bet would be a Epi Valve Jr or Blackheart 5 wattr and a bad monkey or TS9 clone. If you can try the V18 certainly do - a lot of people use it for bedroom practice and it's a good amp. A used VC3112 or Classic 20 would be worth checking out if you can find one. Those are a bit more watts but volume knobs exist for a reason.
But for the sake of not having tubes, a Cube 20x, Vypyr15 or 30, or Vox AD15 may work for you as well. (Headphone jacks for the family friendlyness).
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Would the V18 be loud enough for small gigging?

Yes but it won't have a lot of clean headroom along side a drumer, the V33 or V50 would. But you may not need cleans so your call - it will def keep you up there rockin.
the entire crate v-series(33 or 50 are the only ones capable of gigging)
blackheart killer ant or little giant(cant gig but sounds good)
epi valve jr.(cant gig but sounds good)
Valve king royal 8(sounds good, wont gig)
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