I'm curious. How many people here know:



Dont go to the link. Its a window you cant close. Pop ups will appear if you try to close it. It plays this 'Round Round' song while a video of gays play

Now the last time I posted this link here I got banned (cause it was in my sig saying click to watch a funny baby ). Now I'm just askin' and want to know how famous this evil prank is.

I got pranked by my ex bandmate with this. He said it's like MySpace. (b*tch). My parents saw it and I didnt know how to close it, I just unplugged the PC. Later I found out the task manager can close it. Got me grounded for weeks.

So here you go, Pit.

A weapon of mass destruction is now in your hands. And if you're curious, watch it just remember to use the task manager (or unplug/restart your PC).

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