right now i have a Marshall JCM 900 4500 50 watt head running through a 1960 JCM 900 A cab

i`m trying out a JCM 900 4100 100 watt head.

the 50 watter has EL 34 power tubes the 100 watter has 6L6 power tubes

so far i kinda like the 4100 better.

i play Slayer and i`m in a Thrash metal band, so i play pretty much only thrash metal, so cleans i don`t really care about.

which head is better?? i do gig, so my rig does travel some.

my main guitar is gonna be a BC Rich Kerry King Wartribe Warlock. with EMG`s and neck thru.

the 4500 is an earlyer model 1990 i believe and the 4100 is a later model.
I think 6L6's are a bit darker and probably better for metal but the 100w head will sound worse at low volumes, this may or may not affect you though.
ya LOL right now the 4500 is really too loud, my nephew plays with a Line 6 Spider 1/2 stack and he can`t hold the volume levels my Marshall needs.

BUT, i`m not really concerned with that, because he is looking into the Line 6 100 HD valve which is a LOUD amp LOL.
why not just run 6L6s in your 4500?

any amp tech worth his salt can do it, for a hell of a lot cheaper than a new amp is going to cost.

If you're looking at a new amp and don't care about cleans and want Slayer tone, the obvious answer is a JCM800 2203.
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if i read that right, you are thinking about getting rid of your jcm 900 and buying another jcm 900?
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If you did buy the 4100, you'd basically be paying for an extra 50 watts, since you can swap out the EL34s in your 4500 for 6L6s and get (basically) the same tone as the 4100.

It's just a matter of if you want that extra 50W of headroom or not.
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