deleted my last thread.

People make me change my mind way too easy:P

Back to square one.

I want a guitar w/ decent pups, an OFR, 24 Frets and is generally a good guitar.

Below the price of £800. ($1600 i think)
I've been looking at the ESP M-1000 guitars and i think they are very nice.
Also the Ibanez RG guitars are just as nice.

Need some help!.

Thanks XD
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Mmph : / .. not really into jacksons TBH.

its the only make i don't really like.. and i don't know why.
ummm... ur lookin at a little more than $1000 US buddy.... if you had the equivalent to 1600us, you wouldnt be looking at an ltd... more in the ESP standard line there....
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an esp is going to be much better quality than an ltd, and beware the banhammer when you double post... just edit the first one....
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Pretty much any Schecters.

But they may be hard to find in the UK.

In my previous experience, schecters are a bitch to find in the UK. Shame.

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the ESP M-II is liike just short of £1000.
well, i might just save.. :]