Oshawa/Whitby/Ajax haunted houses, old asylums, abandoned buildings etc?

Can anyone who lives in the area (near Toronto. ONT) name some creepy places like these? I want to go to some. I know they tore down Whitby Pysch, but how much is left of it?
Enough to scare you to your very soul.

There's a spooky abandoned house with a barn on Townline Rd in Oshawa,
and we heard what sounded like children screaming inside of it from far away. Creepy.
there was me thinkin you meant whitby in yorkshire

weve got some rite tales round our parts
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Why not go to the Halloween themed Canada's Wonderland? Halloween haunt or something like that, looks pretty scary...
Does anyone actually know some places? I'm not interested in some Wonderland HorrorDay or commercial thing like that, Im interested in real places. They don't have to "haunted", just old, abondened, creepy buildings.