I have a used Epiphone Iommi signature SG, and I'm going to end up putting it on eBay because I need some cash for another 7 string.

So here's the deal, it's used, has a total of 4 very minor dents/dings in unnoticeable places. I originally payed $525 for it, but Epiphone decided to drop the standard price (Musician's Friend, Guitar Center, ZZounds, etc) down to $500.

My initial thoughts were to put it up there starting at somewhere around $325-$350, because I'm trying to get $375 to $400 for it. So, I'm left wondering, what do you (the guitarists of UG) think it is worth?

Here's the only picture I have of it right now, should be getting more high resolution pictures soon
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I'd put it around that mark. You won't get more than what you paid for it, so yeah, I'd stick around that price.
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I would try $400.
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