So I was on my way to work today only to step outside and find my tires slashed. It really gets to me when I think of what kind of seriously infantile human being can stoop this low. This kind of thing is not funny or entertaining in the least, its just plain irritating, on top of that I cant make it into work today, I had to be across town for a board meeting but this "tire slasher" has deffinatly destroyed my chances of getting my well earned pay raise that I have been discussing with my boss for the last 3 weeks.

I asked a few neighbours about it, and unfourtunatly found that they to had been visited by this low life. The sad thing is my one neighbour that had her tires slashed is a 79 year old woman who lives alone and only gets visits from her children and grand children on holidays and birthdays ect.
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These mirror threads are spam, anyone reading who is thinking of making one shouldn't.

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If your from minnesota I think I can point you in the direction of a thread on the subject lol
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The /b/tard invasion came early today...
EDIT: I say this because it's clearly a mirror thread of the others.
My apologies if this is legit, and my sympathy.
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oh..... the F word was blotched out... i thought it was the N word
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See, this is why instead of slashing tires I prefer taking the caps off the tire and letting the air out. The long hiss is much more satisfying than the loud pop, and gives you much less of a chance to be caught.
I've found the perpetrator!

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probably some stupid drunk 15 year old around the corner who thinks he's the shit.