Hey everyone im lookin for bands that have a style like slightly stoopids songs like open road, closer to the sun, zeplike and so on, stuff with lots of acoustic guitar to a sick beat. Music doesnt get much better than that for me.
Really? I thought they were a joke band when I first heard them, then I realized they're serious. They're ****ing awful.

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yo let me no how this goes cuz i could use some bands too...

but ya i think that there best song, by far, is sweet honey,
if u havent heard it than listen to it and ya, its pretty good...

so ya, let me no how the saarch for good bands goes.. pce =]
can any one tell me some songs that are pretty easy and like basic...

im a beginner but im tryin to pick up some good songs so ya, help me out...

feel free to message me or w/e, pce =]