Alright guys, basically i wanna do my own verson of what slash did with the godfather theme just cause i think it will be good practise and more importantly good fun.

Tbh i dont know much theory (and dont plan on learning it much either) but all i wanted to know is what scale does he use? (and the orcestrer in the original) Because listening to both i noticed that it uses lots of half-steps if you know what i mean (i dont know what its called sorry :P).

Also it would help if anyone knew what key it was in? i could probley work it out myself lookin at the piano or something though if noone knows.
Yeahh i thought he might use that for alot of the improvised parts but i wondered what the original was because like i said it has lots of half-step Intervals?
Can you try learning the melody by ear. This in itself is a good exercise!
Yeahh iv already learnt the first part, the bit thats actually the mellody on the original its just i wanted to know the scales and such because the piano versons really good to improvise over its just i notice some things work really well and others dont and i wanted to find out the best scale to use.