Hey guys I'm looking for a shitty acoustic guitar to practice on, something very bottom line, yet still replicating the feel enough for me to be able to cross my ablities over to a nice acoustic. I'm thinking about checking out some pawnshops. If one of you guys were looking for a guitar like this, how much would you be willing to spend?
go to guitar center and spend like 150 - 200 dollars. You can get something that's pretty decent.

just don't get a "starter pack" no matter what. they charge you a ton for the "extras" like picks, strap, tuner. buy them all separate
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I'd spend 100$ max, considering you are probably purchasing from a pawnshop.
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If you aren't planning on playing that thing through an amp don't get it. Applause/Ovations really don't sound very good unplugged. My suggestion is

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