ok, i got a topic and its about... eh january of last year, well i was going out with this girl, but i really did truely LOVE my ex, even tho we broke up in december, so idk but i think i wanted my current gf at that time just to try to forget about my ex and maybe some sexual stuff.. , so i wrote an email to my ex saying that i still loved her, and blah..blah, so my current gf was deviasted.. and we still were together but i think she just wanted a bf after that email, before the email she really did like me alot.. and right now i regret it alot.. but i know u people dont care and im just asking for help on how to do this song, and im not asking someone to do it either, thx alot
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You shouldve told youre January girlfriend off nicely. Once you broke it off once you did that you shouldve told ur ex that u still loved her
alright yea, but how would i make these words rhyme, u know, and put this stuff together