On Enter Sandman: from the first five seconds I could tell that the sound quality isn't very good, and I don't really care for the tone (it could use a tweaking on the cleans, and more distortion for the dirty), but you didn't mess up anywhere except for the end of the solo, so kudos for that (good job with Hammett's wah sound, btw). It was pretty good.

On Creeping Death: Again, the sound quality is pretty bad, way worse than Enter Sandman's was. It sounds to me like you're having trouble strumming fast enough on some of the rhythm, and the singer either needs to go or he needs a lot more practice. There weren't really any big mistakes except for in the solos; you need to practice the fast parts at a slower speed to make sure you're hitting the right notes (there were quite a few places where you were hitting sour notes and missing bends). It wasn't a bad attempt at all, but the quality needs a lot of work.
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