Hey, I've got a few things of laughing gas but I can't open them. I don't have a cream thing to open it but I know it's possible otherwise. I haven't got balloons either. Any ideas?
That's the kind I have. I know it's possible because I did it during the summer at a festival but I can't remember how.
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Don't Try Without A Whipped Cream Dispenser.

It's compressed, it'll probably fuck you up. If you don't have a dispenser or balloons then it's too bad dude, don't do anything stupid.

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The gas will give you freeze burns.
If you're talking about Nitous Oxide, then research it on google, it's dead easy to find out about it.
Have fun, did it a few months ago, fantastic drug.
First off, Drug Thread.

Second, you need a cracker. You can buy them at the headshop.
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ummm hippy crack...

i had a huge tank of it at moe.down. a cop came over were all sitting there with a tank and a bunch of ballons he looks at us and laughs.
It's good but you can feel it killing off your brain cells. And it lasts for like 15 seconds.
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