Who are you?
Who are you to tell me who I am?
Who are you to control what I give?
Who are you to tell me how I will live?

Tell me who I am! (x2)

The way you speak,
Your gestures and your character,
Symbolic of your words,
Symbolic of your arrogance!

Don’t place yourself,
On your high and mighty totem,
If you mistake yourself,
For such a powerful figure,
Tell me, how can you,
Hide your face, disfigured?

Your idealistic energy,
Channeled into commands,
Wake now from your dreams,
How long can you hold your grasp?
Allow us time to see…
How long can you hold your grasp?
How long can you hold your grasp?
How long….. How long….
Silent tears, rolling down your face,
As your fingers slip,
Now, you are the disgrace…

BTW: Im aiming for a heavier Pink Floyd sound with this one.
Epiphone SG400
Peavy Vypr 30 watt
Dean Vendetta XM

and thats about it...
The only thing that I didn't really like was the chorus. The concept is there, but it just doesn't seem to flow for me. My favourite part was the ending line. I wouldn't change anything except maybe wording the chorus differently. But that up to you. Overall, I'd say 9/10.
And thanks for the crit.