hey guys, i ahvent been writting that much latly, and this is my weak attempt to come back and be more active.

Faith (a way to fall)

i am dumb
i am dead
this ****ing life never seemed so bad


I'll come back
you will cry
my cold
black life,
dead in the sky

(verse 3)

Am i man?
Are we real?
Questions are asking,
Do i feel?

The viel
The viel
The viel
It covers me

(verse 4)

Got no faith
Is that bad?
im so sorry mom,
to make you mad.

(Verse 5)

I'm alone
never known
my own man,
A name, a face
never shown


This viel
This viel
This viel
covered me

(verse 6)

It's not that lonely,
when your alone
Feed this lie
Rot my bones

(verse 7)

These scars of mine,
dont ever hurt
Sumbliminal pain,
ease of dirt

burn it all
away form me
cut my throat to let me be
i am done
take me now
lift this viel...

open eyes dont ever see
curruption and lies surrounding me
we are blind in our youth
Death is the bringer of our light

(We are) The anti-cancer
(We are) The only answer
Stripped down, we want you dead
But what's inside of me, you'll never know
(We are) Bipolar gods
(We are) You know what we are