what is the best approach to this?
i have about 2 months to do it....long story....

how did you do it and how long has it taken?

Do this, this is from the sixth string, in order to the 24th fret, E, F, Fsharp, G, Aflat, A, Bflat, B, C, Csharp, D, Eflat, E, F, Fsharp, G, Aflat, A, Bflat, B, C, Csharp, D, then to go to another string from whatever fret you are on, go up 5 half steps (say you are on E, it would go F, Fs, G, Af, A would be your note.) go off that or write it on your arm or something.
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I did it by playing all the notes across one string.

Took me about two months.

G string kinda screws me sometimes.
What I did, and am now doing again, is this: I choose one note, set my metronome to around 60 bpm or so, and find that note on each string and play it on the metronome tick.

I only move on to another note when I've got the previous one down very well (even if it's a week later, or whatever).

I also switch it up occasionally, in different ways. For example, I could skip a string each time, on the way down. Then on the way back up, I get the other strings I skipped.

Really works nicely. I'd say you can learn them all in 2 months this way, no problem. As a side note, I don't really worry about flats/sharps for a good while. If I know all the natural notes, the sharps/flats can be found trivially and quickly. I do intend to focus on them a bit, eventually, but there's no hurry.

Hope that helps you, anyways,

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this could help it's like a little game

that is superb for someone like me. I waould tell any beginner to play this for 20 mins or so per day. You'll soon learn your notes on the fretboard.

really good post, well done

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