What is the best miniamp?
I'm going to a couple guitar classes and don't want to lug around my fender front man. I've heard the ms ones are good, however, I'm stuck between ms-2 or 4. Or is there a different miniamp that is better. Preferably under 100$ unless it is absolutely amazing.
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All those tiny amps are pretty crap TBH.
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Don't get a non-tube Marshall, except the Mode 4 or a Valvestate.

Look into a used Roland Microcube or a Vox AD5. To be honest you're not going to get anything great for <$100.
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yeah i've heard some pretty bad things about the ms-2. How big of an amp did you have. I have a fender frontman 15 watt version. Its pretty small i have no problems carrying that around. But i guess you could have one of the larger ones.

but yeah the micro cube would work well
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I'd go for the Microcube too.

I wouldn't buy either of the marshalls they sound absolute bollocks. If you want a really cheap one the little Orange Microcrushes aren't overly bad, and if you put a half-load battery in the sound starts to warm up a little.

I hear the Fender Mini Twins aren't bad either, so long as you bear in mind a 2-inch speaker is going to sound awful no matter what.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
I have the 15 watt but i would like one that runs on batteries, I'm, unless someone changes my mind, getting a roland microcube probably
Went shopping for a battery powered amp yesterday. I had a Vox DA5 and a Roland Microcube side by side. Vox came out on top.

DA5 speaker handles top volume better without getting all 'blurry' which the cube tended to do. DA5 had better built in effects too and the ability to edit them where as the cube you could only vary the intensity of the effect. In fact the DA5 just beat out the cube in pretty much every department from my testing

This is not to say that the cube wasnt good, it was fantastic, the DA5 was just a little better all round.
neither of the two you listed are very good.
either get the vox DA5 or roland microcube. they have a bunch of effects you can play around with as well.
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