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on a more helpful note; i thought it was good quality however i find it hard to judge metal because i don't listen to it often.
sounds pretty awesome man not to mention the great sound recording i liked the progressivness of on of the first couple riffs
What do you use to record? The quality is fantastic.
I'm usually not much for progressive-ish metal but I quite enjoyed the whole song.
thanks for the comments on my quality, i spent alot of time mixing it etc, i use an sm-57->M-Audio dmp3->audiophile->Mixcraft 4.1

I use EZdrummer DFH for drums, for the moment, this is the first track i wrote with it, i used nuendo 3 for hosting it.

And all i done to the guitars was add some compression and a little eqing, and a global eq, plus stereo bass track from a down pitched guitar,

A peavey 5150 II was used for the rythms and for the little thingys in the back, i used a jcm900 with a tc electronics gmajor

All through a vintage 30

Hey there, very clear recordings!!
I quite enjoyed this tune, nice riffs!
Nice melodies - the parts around 1:40 reminded me of some Blaze Bayley songs!


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