My amp right now i want to play like songs going from clean to distorted--- but my amp is is only one channel so im forced to use my amp's clean and my pedals distortion---- but my pedals distortion isn't as good as my amp cranked.... so is there a pedal that will let me have cranked amp OD and when i step on a pedal it becomes quieter and clean....
I doubt it. It's alot harder to make a signal clean than it is to distort it...
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Nah i don't think there's such a thing out there man.
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What kind of amp do you have?

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you can try turning down your guitar's volume knob at clean parts. Might not sound as pristine as an actual clean channel, but its something.[
Try rolling your volume down on the guitar for a clean sound. If you don't like doing that then maybe use a volume pedal, or an eq pedal that has a volume slider and set the slider low. Reducing the output going into the front of the amp should clean it up and give you a clean sound. Start with your guitars volume knob and work from there.
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volume knob or a compressor set way quiet
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umm i have a me-20 sound effects pedal it has a really good OD sound and your can get anything from a bluesy sound to ****in brutal and you can just have a really good clean sound on it too
so you could probably use your OD sound on your amp and use the clean sound on the pedal maybe im not sure though
but it has like everything you could want reverb, phaser and amazing clean and OD sound
check it out you might like it
Aren't there guitar processors that can do that? You could try looking for a processor, since I haven't heard of any pedal that can turn a distorted signal clean.
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Not the way you want it to work, no. Something going into your amp can't clean it up.
There should be!

No, I don't think they have that. I don't even know if it's electronically possible. Even if it is, it's probably way complicated and would be expensive.
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dosent boss make like an acoustic emulator(?) pedal? i think that might work
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You could get an overdrive preamp like an Ibanez tube screamer. Use it to push your amp into clipping, cut it off to go back to clean/quiet.

A similar effect can be had by backing off of the volume knob, but many people don't like to do this as many guitars' pots will affect their tone.
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use a master switch to control your effects and engage it when you want less volume??

maybe try a volume pedal?
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
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dosent boss make like an acoustic emulator(?) pedal? i think that might work

I don't think that would work, that makes a clean signal sound like a acoustic.

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divided by 13, joyride is a great clean sound pedal. it has treble bass middle and gain to tweak your clean sound.
an active volume pedal maybe, but that won't work if you have you amp on a high gain setting.
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these 'clean' pedals aren't going to work if the amp is already distorted guys!

what you should do is get an overdrive pedal. set your amp up so its as clean as you can get it while your guitar is at 50% volume.

then when you need high gain, stomp the overdrive and increase the volume on your guitar.

thats how they did it in the 70's
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