Ok, finally decided on which guitar to get, one problem...I can't decide which color I want lol..

Here's the guitar and you can see the colors here...


Only other guitar I have is a black (like full black) bass guitar, so maybe I should get red to contrast or do you guys think the gray is more attractive?

if the red had that same burst finish as the grey....

idk tough one. but you cant make a wrong choice
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Ok, I'll let you all decide then what the color will be in 56 minutes I'm tallying up and buying whichever one has the most votes!
the grey one looks pretty sweet...
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First of all, that's a really nice choice of guitar. :P I wish I got it instead of my rg370dx. xD
anyways, go with grey much nicer
HHAHAHA, nice one DespisedIcon, looks like gray is gonna win and its only been 4 minutes, any red gonna chime in?
i personally would choose the cherry, but the grey isnt bad at all
Transparent Gray Burst!

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Grey. Also, it's a more neutral colour, so it will match a wider variety of on stage outfits.

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Tough one, I like red guitars but that grey burst is really nice... To be honest, what matches your physical stlye better? If you wear a lot of like green or purple or something, red might not be as good as the grey or something. I'd base it on personal image.
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don't get either

get this hot peice of ass


the only thing cooler would be if that redish burst in the middle was green, I'd actually buy that on friday...instead of the mustang I've been dreaming of getting since I've learned to play guitar...IF one of you ****ers post a guitar that looks like that with a green thingy instead of red, I'll kill you...Cause then i really won't get my mustang


Well...I didn't realize it has active pickups ...Throw in a JB in the bridge, and a '59 in the neck and AMGAWD
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