to day i went to a local shop to buy some strings. it is a shop that sells like school instrument and have a few guitars, so any way walked in and found what i was looking for. a pack of ernie ball regular slinky. turned the pack over and the price was $9.98. i was like holy crap 10 bucks for ernie balls. so i asked why they were so much and they told me everyone sells them for that much. I said your joking me walked out went up the road a mile a got a pack from another shop and paid like 5 bucks. i went back and showed them how much i paid and they said that i put the price sticker on there and if i wanted the strings they were $9.98. I will never return to that store and i am half tempted to burn the place down for accusing me of counterfiting the price on a pack from another store. so has any one else had some BS like this happen to them or is it just me.
they're in business to make money. If their cost of getting them from ernie ball is more than the other guy than they have to charge more. They didn't force you to buy em so just move on and don't be douche and go back like hey look at me I bought them cheaper somewhere else.
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I pay like 4 dollars i think for my strings >_>
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Buy a 12 pack of slinkys online for $42 = $3.50 each
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My local shop pricing is like... $25 for a set of Elixirs. Bough once because I needed badly. Never again... The evulbay is my best friend now.

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yeh, i pay bout 10 bucks for ernies ( im from ontario too like spenny )
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just be happy i pay 30 at my local guitar store for slinky bass strings but there guitar strings are more evenly priced
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well same in my area i have a store thats so over priced there fender spuires are 350 for the cheap ones. and there amps are 100 bucks more than the internet. and i got straplock for 10 dollars at another local shop than the other one. lol. there sell the crapy fender classical strings for 15.
That's how much they are here. For D'Addario strings, its $10.79.

I bought a single string (because they didn't have the strings I wanted) and it was freakin $1.15. Once I tried to sell them my guitar, and the guy said he could give me $40 because he would have to sell it for $100. Also I looked around the store like 2 days ago, and they were selling a USED (Clearly had signs of abuse) Boss DD-3 for $125.

I was like WTF dude, you rip everyone off, and the least you could do was not tell me how much profit you were going to make! I like supporting local businesses, but after seeing the Boss DD-3 I don't think I'm going to get anything else from them. :\
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Bass strings are pretty overpriced anyway though, so 30 bucks isnt ungodly, I payed 20 for some slinkys at guitar center. Its funny tho my local music shop has strings for CHEAPER then guitar center, like these ball end nylon (La Belle folk singers) are like 3-4 bucks cheaper then guitar center. Their like 10 there at guitar center!

For electric strings tho, guitar center is pretty moderatly priced, especially with the ernie balls.
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now i just mass order them from musicians friend. and always keep a pack or two in my hardshell so i dont have to run down to the store whenever my strings pop. but yeah the local shops tend to make at least 200 percent profit of little things like strings and cables.
My local guitar shop sells strings for the price tag but they are always 2 for 1. Like I bought some Super Slinkys (the tag says 8.95) and I get two packs of them. It's like that all the time so it's really good prices.
9 bucks is a bit steep. And the shop knows perfectly well that most other shops do charge less. They just didnt want to admit they were trying to jack you. Around 7 bucks is a reasonable price for most brands. But the internet can be your friend you can buy in bulk and save alot.
Where the hell in Ontario you guys live? I pay around $6 or so for mine, hmm maybe $7 max. I bought about 8 or 9 sets of GHS Boomers and paid roughly that per set.
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In Ireland, strings are around 7 Euros in most shops. Thats about 10 dollars. You don't realise how expensive musical instruments and equipment is over here. You are actually quite lucky
I had that same problem, but at this store they were 12 dollars. I actually find my elixirs and my slinky strings cheaper to buy at Guitar Center, because I usually buy more than one set, and whenever I can do that, I can usually haggle.
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Thats how much I pay for slinkys everywhere around my area (ontario)


where in Ontario do you live?

it's like $6 for slinkys for me..

..unles the price went up recently.
$16 AUD retail for slinkies over in Australia. Stop complaining.