I know my amp is not supposed to sound the way it is because i have played it before.

I know i cant show you but just try to understand as best you can.

Well i turn the amp on channel 1 works great. Except some annoying feedback that doesnt sound liek a signal but like metal scrathing together.

Channel 2: I turn it on and all i can get is this horrible muddy mess of an overdrive that also has some annoying metals scratching feedback.

Heres the best part: when i put a 14inch cabl into the recieving end of the effects loop(just the cable, going into nothing, not a full circuit) and then i get the sound i want and that the amp should produce(even that only goes up to about 30% of the volume).

Summary:so basically channel 2 doesnt work right until i put a cable inthe input jack in the back and it has some kind of scratching metal feedback and when that is happpening the amp does not reach it potential volume.

im not an amp tech so please, bare with me.

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Take it to a tech. Best I can say.

ya in know, just thought i try and save a few bucks by asking ug first.
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It could be bad preamp tubes.
i'm sorry i've heard of th term preamp but i dont know anything about that and i dont know barely anything about tubes.
they're the smaller tubes. try tapping them lightly with a pencil while your amp is on. if the sound comes through the speakers, they need to be replaced.
he's saying it could possibly be one of the smaller tubes gone bad.

you can see one in this picture. look between the first and second powertubes (the big ones) and in the back you'll see a smaller tube. that's a preamp tube.
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