What is the effect pedal you use the most? What should I purchase based on practicality, sound and funness (is that word?).

I already have distortion (if you qualify that as an effect), Loop Station, Wah, and Delay.
It's your choice. Most people would recommend a Phaser, or a Delay, or a Chorus, but i only use reverb... maybe a little dealy every now and again.

What's your current setup? (amp, guitar)

my local guitar store is having a big sale and I have a little extra cash so I was considering maybe getting something like a new effect.

I play an Ibanez Iceman IC400 thru a Fender White Lightning Deluxe.
For effects, i have DD-6 delay, vox wah, fulltone ocd and rc-2 loop station
hmm... nice setup. Lol.

All i coud recommend is maybe a reverb? ...compressor? ...ebow?

I really don't know... sounds like you've got the necessities right there.
Maybe just go up there and try out a lot of stuff. Because like i said, you might find something that will have, for you, more "funness."

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Chorus and reverb are bobth really great subtle enhancements, I use chorus a lot and always have sme reverb.
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Chorus. I suggest an EHX Small Clone or a Modtone Aqua Chorus if you can find one.
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Digitech Whammy is fun for shits and giggles. that, and it's one of the only decent pedals they've ever made.

the harmony man is fun too.
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A Zvex Fuzz Factory?

You can get all sorts of insane sounds out of that thing.
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I say get an EQ. Boss GE-7 or MXR 10-band. They're really useful.
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My most stepped on boxes are:

Big muff
Fulltone OCD
Zvex Super Hard On
Teese RMC 2
Line 6 DL4

Basically, distortion, overdrive, booster, wah, and delay/looping.

Have a look around on youtube for some pedal demos and see which ones strke you as being fun