Has anyone else heard of them?
I just got one today: http://www.music44.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=A4FA86846E246BCB070BF11A49C410FB&Screen=PROD&Store_Code=X&Product_Code=DTS-20-CP-SH

I was at my local store buying a new pedal, when i remember that i'm going to need a cheap, temporary cable... and i just so happen to grab one of these.
I've never heard of them before... but this cable is actually very good. It sounds great, and seems pretty durable... If it breaks, i'll just fix it, because it's got such a great sound quality to it, i'm not just gonna throw it away.

But the plugs have this little bowed out part that kind of makes it "lock" into the guitar... which i don't like. It's kind of annoying, b/c it makes the cable harder to put in/out.

But besides that, it's a great cable, especially for the price.

i have one.
pretty good, but i like livewire better.
they devlin has a warranty to
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Yeah, i liked the warranty. I was, on the ride home, thinking, "I hope this onel lasts..." and then i saw the warranty!

Anyone else?