So, I've played many Jackson's, but never bought one. I owned one a while ago. A KE3 Kelly, but I traded it for an old EC-500, then sold the Kelly after a little abuse. I'm not sure what's the best Jackson guitar for the money, so all input is helpful.

I don't care about the shape of the body. It can be anything. I play a lot of metal, and solo metal. Preferrably neck-thru. My budget is anywhere up to $1,200.

Used USA Soloist.


Used USA KV's and KE2's ussually go for about $1400-$1600 on ebay as well. Just incase you're able to put up any more cash.
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The Phil Demmel sig looks nice and so does the RR24 with the maple fretboard. The best you could get would be a used USA Jackson or something.
There's also a used Phil Collen sig floating around JCF for $1400. Buy a used USA or early 90s pro. I've seen a few San Dimas go for $1200 but if not, used is still the way to go.
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Used USA Soloist.

That. I did that 2 years ago. I found a soloist in absolute mint condition for about half the price they cost new here (paid €1400, new they go for €2600). You even cant see any scratch or dent. It really was as good as new. (pics in my profile)
You can find some good deals on the second hand market. Wait to buy a guitar till you find such a deal.
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