has anyone ever made one of these? I want to get a Schecter Hellcat VI and i wanted to get The black model with the wood pick guard but they cant do it. I have experience with carbon fiber but its really loud, like if you tap it. So i think you could hear it over the amp if you hit it with the pick. what do you guys think

my cars dashboard has a carbon fiber trim. I loves it.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Turn your amp up man!

Go to a car accessories dealer and get the carbon fibre trim material like Cliff said, it'll be cheap as anything.
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Sorry to resurrect this one...but surely any noise from tapping a pickguard can't be picked up by pickups...they're sensitive to movement in their magnetic field not actual sound, right?
Anyway, I' thinking of getting heavily involved with carbon in my next build, possibly using bundles of hollow CF tubes inside the neck instead of a truss rod, for lightness and resistance to changing humidity etc. Any thoughts anyone?
when my floyd rose trem bar comes loose it goes thru the amp. it sounds like when you hit a metal hallow pole. also tapping the wood makes noise. Then again i has EMGS
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