These are the two guitars I am trying to decide between. I really want a V with cutouts and these are the two I have found.




Both would be in white. The problem I am trying to decide about is that I already have a guitar with emg actives so I really don't know if I want to get another guitar that sounds the same, but I really love the body of the jackson. The lines are sharper.

I'd appreciate any input.
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id get jackson if you dont like the pick ups you can always swap them but im saying jackson because i hear that the non us made deans are overpriced and bad quality
edit: also dimebuckers are bad pickups if you dont know dimedidnt use them he just endorsed them
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I voted lime.

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btw lime kicked ass

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If the Jackson is within your budget range, go with it. Razorback V's aren't that good of quality, like alternativebass said. I've had the chance to play a couple of them. You can always switch out the EMGs with some good Seymour Duncans or Lace Sensor Duallys.

I'd say try to try out both and see which one you like more.
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yeah I really prefer the jackson, it has 24 frets, an OFR, and a headstock I actually like. Its just I would hate to drop $200 more on new pickups.
Jackson Dinky DKMGT Transparent Black