I've been leading this beand for about 3 months now, and basically we've done sh*t all. Theres me(lead guitarist), one of my mates(rythm guitarist and vox) and another one of my mates (bass). We're having really trouble finding a drummer, but that's not the point. The bassist only started playing bass when he knew i was looking for a bassist and because his friend gave him a bass and said try it out. The problem is he doesn't enjoy playing bass, he always wants to play our guitars, completely different musical tastes and he can't be bothered to learn any of the songs. for example, in the 3 months we've been playing we can only play two songs with all three of us, and that's with him lagging, but me and the other guitarist can play like 10 songs together. There is a really good bassist that i'm good friends with and he'd be willing to play with us. The issue is that i'm like best friends with the bassist and don't wanna break our friendship, but since day one he's been a problem, including the fact he wouldn't buy a bass amp till i had to go off at him and he bought some piece of crap from the pawn shop.
Please help me, i don't know what to do.
ps- he's now decided he wants to buy a drum kit, but he can barely play easy on rock band drums.
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why don't u talk to him about it?

also - i wouldn't correlate rock band skill with real music skill. most of my friends absolutely kill rock band and guitar hero but cant play real instruments.
give him a special job........ band album art director

in all seriousness, just talk to him and tell him things arent working out in any way at all and get the new better bassist and maybe offer to let him try drums until you get a good drummer
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you just have to bite the bullet and tell him. make sure to express that it isnt him as a person. just the difference in musical tastes and that it just doesnt seem to be working. not much else you can do
kick him out if it breaks your friendship then your friends an immature git who doesn't deserve to be your friend
If he is a good friend then he will realise that the band is going nowhere at the moment, realise your ambitions and then accept that he needs to stand down. When you talk to him and he does realise this, call the other bassist and start jamming with him as fast as you can.

As for finding a drummer.. Put notices up in local noticeboards, here on UG, gumtree, local classifieds and of course on music shops. Also try and go to local gigs and befriend musicians. If they arent drummers, then they might know someone who is.....