hey guys, thinking of buying a high end amp soon, have tried the soldanos, hate the boogies, have a marshall, but im looking for something with a marshall ish sound, just with better quality and more defined notes. ive settled on either the bogner ecstacy, or the splawn nitro. i have not however tried an ecstacy with a classic mod, or a splawn nitro. has anyone got experience with these amps and can you give me a comparison in terms of note definition, marshallness, and reliability.

i play good old 70's and 80's plexi era rock and jcm800 era stuff, as well as liking a higher gain offering.
personally i think the quickrod would be better for you with the gear settings

1st is hot rodded plexi
2nd is hot rodded jcm
3rd is hot rodded jcm on steroids

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

The Bogner ecstasy is a great amp. If you can swing the cash for it, definitely go for it. It's not as Marshall-y as the Splawn but I personally love every tone I've ever heard out of it.

Splawn's amps are good too, they're essentially beefed up super lead circuits, they're a little bit overdone sometimes, but for the most part still manage to maintain their "Marshall-ness," great for the metal crowd who likes the Marshall voicing and think the modern Marshalls sound like fizzy messes.

You'd really need to try these out yourselves, its not a simple matter of looking at features with these two. Trying them out is not really an easy task (Splawns are built to order, and Bogner's don't exactly turn up at your guitar store everyday), but seeing if anyone in your area has either amp might be helpful.
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for what you want the quickrod would be your best best. Even thought the ecstasy is pure awesomeness, it just isn't as marshall voiced as you would want.
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I'd go for the Ecstasy, but that's because I'm a Bogner devotee.
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Quick rod definitely. Although I like Bogner, I would say the Splawn will cover that area much better. When I think Bogner I think more modern sound. I haven't tried the Ecstasy Classic though.

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I'm a bit biased but the Splawn is a great amp it goes from plexi to Hotrodded JCM800 on steroids they're GREAT amps I love em
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