Alexi laiho is my super idol. Ive noticed he anchors. I can anchor and play floating without problem. But when it comes to speed(over 190 bps) i have issues. what should i do float or anchor?
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but anyways, just practice with a metronome and good things will come with time.

your body will tell you what it wants to do (float or anchor)
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Depends. If you can play for hours on end and the fingers you're anchoring with aren't tense or don't hurt, it's ok to anchor, because you're anchoring properly. There is a right way to anchor (note: everyone else will tell you there isn't a right way, it's bad, and it will cause MMAAJJOORR issues down the line for you).

If, on the other hand, you play anchored and you're anchoring finger(s) are tensed up/hurting then you have two choices:

1) Don't anchor so damn hard! Or,

2) Stop anchoring.

It's your choice. But beware, if you do anchor and you do it WRONG, you WILL CAUSE PROBLEMS FOR YOURSELF. Look at Alexi when he does it. He puts almost no pressure on his pinky, you can actually see it move around from time to time. This is the OPTIMAL way to anchor. You want to do it like him. If you choose to not anchor, then you don't really run a risk or hurting yourself. Unless your arm is so out of control without anchoring you hit yourself in the face trying to strum up. (That was like a joke, but less funny!)

/End rant
Don't anchor.
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Depends on how you do it. Plenty of people do, like Jeff Loomis... i don't really know anyone else i just remember Jeff which is weird cuz i dont even listen to nevermore.