Well, I recently got an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, second hand for $500 AUS from everyone's good pal, Moe. via the "Australian Sales" thread, and I was looking to swap the pickups out of it.
I have a Gibson Explorer Pro aswell, and the pickups in that (Gibson 500T and 490T) are very hot, and fairly nice, but lack the warmth that I really want.
I plan to swap the pickups out of both guitars and my current plan was this...
Take the 500T and 490T out of the Explorer and put them in the LP, with the idea that because the body is a large slap of mahogany, the tone produced will be slightly warmer.
Then, from there, I'd put some new pickups in the Explorer (thinking Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz).

What are your thoughts on this? Any opinions for pickups?
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Quote by jetfuel495
the duncans are a good choice, i say go for that

Which ones, and in which guitars?

At the moment, my plan is to put a Duncan Distortion and Duncan Jazz in the Explorer, and a JB & Jazz combo in the Les Paul, or put the Duncans in the Explorer, and put the Gibson pickups in the Les Paul.

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