If you've seen my thread posts i've asked before about which amp should i get for my music purposes. My music taste has changed a bit and i now know a little bit more on what i am looking for. I'd greatly appreciate your help on this:

The Amp I'm looking for i'd like to be able to fit this discription:
A "practice/jam" amp. I'd like an amp that withstand high voumes to be heard over a drummer, but not terribly heavy. I already have a huge, concert amp, thats horrible for bring to a friends house.

Find a good clean tone is always hard for me, i'd like it to be...twangy, but also bright? kind of like the clean tone from Sum 41's song Pieces or Fat Lip. I like those tones

It would be nice if there was a footswitch option.

TONE! i really care about tone, I like warmer, fat tones compared to brighter tones, but i do enjoy a mix + an amp that i can get a lot of sounds out of, trying to copy anther bands sound to play some covers.

I pretty much want an amp w. good distortion tone, cus I go through the batteries on my distortion pedal so quickly...like four 9 volts in like 3 weeks

Price Range...with the economy going to hell...i dont need this thing to be over $400...this is mostly a jam amp...

Effects: In my first thread i wanted those because my other amp doesn't have any, but i can buy pedals if needed

Bands That I Listen To/Songs that I play
[also, PLEASE if you can help it, NO DISSING of my music taste]

Classic Rock:
Led Zepp-(right now on my distortion pedal, im having a hard time finding a sound for led zepp)
Deep Purple
The Beatles
The Who
Guns N Roses

Punk Rock:
The Sex Pistols

Pop Punk/Anything kinda like that:
Green Day (the crisp sound of Dookie, to the fat sound of American Idiot)
Sum 41 (all of their sounds, from pop punk to metal)
Fall Out Boy
There are prolly others

I mostly improvise on metal, but i do listen to Van Halen
Trans Siberial Orch.
I really like that awesome sustain they get

Angels and Airwaves
"mellow stuff"

I also play/study Jazz and Blues theory and really like that kind of stuff

Right now, im learn mostly metal techniques [tapping, pitch harmonics, etc] and im playing mostly improvised stuff of that, so i'd also need a good metal tone...like...so i guess lots and lots of distortion

Side Notes:
Some Amps that I kinda like
I really like the Peavey Transtube Series. I can get nice tones that i like, but not tones from other bands. I can make my guitar scream on this

Line 6 spiders...ok i guess? I cant get a tone of them that i like...only...it sounds the same no matter what guitar i put in it, so prolly not an amp taht i'd really like to get

Ok please dont shoot me on this one...but maybe on of the Marshall MG [like the mini stack or one of hte smaller combo] IK IK everyone tells me these amps are shit...and they kinda are..but my friend does have one and i can get some pretty good Guns 'n Roses/Sum 41 sounds out of it...but only on my friends guitar...whenever i try to play w. the controls it always sounds like shit...but when my friend does it, he can make it sound decent. I do know that i cant get a Dragonforce Tone out of this amp. So idk...i keep going back to these amps for the obvious, BECAUSE ITS A MARSHALL...i just cant help it...they just look so cool lol

Um before i was suggested a Vox or a Roland Cube...playing both...i dont like the Vox controls...i cant never get a good sound out of it....idk...i just dont relaly like vox
for roland cube...kind of the same story, i've heard they can get pretty ****ing loud...but loud enough to jam with an insane drummer?

If you have anymore ideas on this, that would be great. I really hope that I'm not getting too picky on some of this stuff. I understand there are a few things i'll need to compromise on and etc. im open to a lot of options. thanks again!
peavey valveking. comes in 1x12 and 2x12 combos. u can copy pretty much any sound with it
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crate v series? used peavey classic 30? either of those should get you those tones pretty easily
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that's a lot of stuff. You care about tone but can't go over $400. That is going to be tough. You want Jazz, Blues, Beatles -thru- Dragonforce.

jam over a drummer

I can give you the easy answer and say Valveking 112 or I can ask what major city you live close too and maybe we can find something else. A Marshall MG is certainly not the answer. Maybe a Vypyr hybrid can do all of that but you might have to ask in the Vypyr thread.

Why do I feel like I'm being trolled upon? You've been here a while. You haven't responded in the last 2.5 hours either.

Crate V33H and a 2x12.

That's all I can think of.

Unless you save up 2000 more and get a Matamp GT1.
Same as Goolz, except I suggest saving the $2000 and getting a Bogner Shiva.
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I'd have to agree with the guys saying save up more, because essentially threadstarter, the type of amp that you're asking for will cost you thousands, for a great one. I've saw people reccommend the ValveKing, but that really won't be good enough. It's too modern sounding to pull off any Led Zep/Beatles, etc.
Adam - I would only dissagree to say that the Valveking is not necessariy modern voiced nor is it vintage voiced. It's just......there. The cleans and distortion on lead channel are passable for a $400 amp. But that is just it, to our point - It is $400. It can do Zeppelin fine but may struggle with the Voxy stuff like Beatles/Who.

So it's a trade off. If you ony have $400 and can't wait then maybe a VK or even the Vypyr would work for now as a versatile amp. Otherwise, save up.
For a nice all-round amp with effects to play with


For a decent, low-wattage tube amp which will sound a lot more authentic for your older tones like The Who

for extra gain and a solo boost

In short, you don't have anywhere near enough money for what you want - the Cubes, Valvetronix and Vypyr are the best you'll get in terms of versatility...if they aren't good enough for you then you're too poor.
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you sound like you havent been playing guitar for a while.

i suggest a valvetronix 2x12 combo amp. that should suit you
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What about Roland Cube? my friend really reccomends them? i really haven't heard too many negative things about them
Roland Cubes are great. The best you can probably get. Though since you don't really play have heavy metal, a Classic 30 with a boost could work fione