Alright I'm looking at amps to buy in the near future and I was wondering what would be my best bet since I have so many different influences. Basically my influences are as follows: Guns N' Roses, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, U2, Third Eye Blind, and Aerosmith. So basically I need an amp that has an overdrive that I could use for GNR and Aerosmith. Then I need good cleans for Mayer and U2. Then I'll need some crunch for Clapton and Third Eye Blind. So what would be a good amp that delivers all this? An amp with excellent cleans, good mid-level overdrive/crunch, and some higher gain overdrive. I don't really have any preferences so far. The only thing is price range is $1500 or lower for a combo or for a half stack that's tube of course. Thanks for the help.
well, i was thinking Classic 30 all along until you said 'only thing is price range is $1,500'.

it's not like you said all of that AND Megadeth!

there is probably a Marshall that fits all of that but I'm not a Marshall expert. JCM800 maybe? 5150 III? VoxAC30CC?

Can you buy used as well? Do you gig? What gear do you have now?
Vox AC30CC, or if you can wait for them to come out, a Bogner Alchemist.
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