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Little background of me:
-Been playing guitar for a little over a year now
-Dad taught me to read music and play a bit, but I usually teach myself or off the internet/book.

So I've been attempting the stairway solo for a little over 3 months now, it's the second solo I'm going to finish and play (smells like teens spirit is the first).

Now, so far I can play the whole solo, with little picking problems (at the beginning), but that's the LEAST of my concerns, I'm having trouble with the repeating riff (Bend-Release-Pulloff), I think I'm putting too much emphasis on the wrong notes, but that usually happens when I play it a little faster than slow mo.

Here are some vids I uploaded to help you guys see my problem:

This one is stairway in SLOWMO, approximately 0.5 speed.
This one is stairway in SLOW, approximately 0.7 speed.
(the reason I know the speed is because i'm using WMP to slow down the solo)

I know for sure 0.5 is played correctly, maybe a little off at the beginning, but definitely correct. But when I try to play it a little faster, hence 0.7, the bending riff starts sounding weird. Can anyone guide/help me?
You should take small sections of the solo and work on them, specially the pull offs and bendings etc. It's not a very hard solo, but dont try to swallow the whole thing, take bites and it'll improve your speed. Make sure you're accurate.
yea i agree with symba, you need to take small bits of the solo and be perfect on them...
attempting the whole solo at once can be hectic...
I need help on the bending riff part, your answers (no offense) had nothing to do with anything I was asking.
what you have to do is play it again and again and again slowly until you can play it a tiny tiny bit faster, then repeat at that speed.