Did a search, nothing come up. Watched bits and pieces on Paramount when it first came out, now watched first 8 or 9 episodes within few days.
pretty funny stuff, bit too many cult references but still great.

for those who don't know it's from the guy in Shaun of the Dead, worth a look.

so what do you guys think?
lol wut??
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Awesome show me and a friend watched every episode a while back. The guys name is Simon Pegg
ive seen like 2 episodes. its strange but pretty good
-Why do hunters need bullets that can pierce through bulletproof vests?
-Do I really have to spell this out for you?What if a bunch of punk kids go into the woods and strap a bulletproof vest on a bear?Then whatve you got?Invincible bears (wkuk)
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lol wut??

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lol wut.
no clue man.

This is sad.
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I loved Spaced. Seen the pretend gun fight?

the paintballing one?
I watched that JUST now haha funny.
guess a lot of people won't know it, even in the UK but I thought Shaun of the Dead was really popular even in America?

they have a lot of episodes Veoh, check them out.